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"I firmly believe that every business has all its own unique genius. Making these visible is the mission of FutureBusiness.Partners.

So that extraordinary companies are created that leave a lasting mark on our future."

Founder, coach and consultant for sustainability and modern leadership: Stefan Mierzowski

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Unfolding each company in its full genius

A few years ago, a very personal process led me to realize how crucial it is for companies to actively shape the future. In my many years as a management consultant, I have learned that this path can only be successfully followed if one frees oneself from restrictive ballast and approaches one’s own future with curiosity, openness and a broad horizon. This process doesn’t have to be painful, but can become a creative adventure under the right conditions.

The essence of this is to recognize the full potential of a company, beyond its current performance. This ability to see potential (“Genius View”) forms the core of our consulting approach at FutureBusiness.Partners and is also an essential part of my personal DNA.

We need these new companies. Because they are the ones who really shape their own and all of our futures in a forward-looking and sustainable way.

Future Readiness: The integral consulting concept - tailor-made for you and your company

Based on many years of experience as a management consultant and an integral understanding of the interrelationships, my team and I design your path with you.


Journey to the future

Opening awareness for realistic images of the future that do not only include the mainstream topics of technology, digitalization and climate protection


Accepting the mission from the future

Understand the mechanism that your company’s future is being created today and be committed to doing the right thing correctly now.


Get into action

Act – plan – manage data: How do you tare your sustainability path?

We Advise the "Classics" As Well As Sustainability and Future Skills

Customized consulting: Our “Business 3.0” framework provides a framework that both maps classic strategy and management consulting and brings a clear focus towards the new corporate world with sustainability and future skills. This enables us to design the specific path for your company based on your current situation.

team for your sustainable success

Young as well as experienced consultants form our crew. We bring together management consulting expertise and a passion for out-of-the-box businesses in a unique consulting team.

Our team wants to grow. We are looking for experienced as well as young consultants who want to build FutureBusiness.Partners with us and transform the business world sustainably. We are looking forward to your application!

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